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"We have been patients of Dr. Lowry for about 11 years. Dr. Tom and his staff are amazing! The office is a very comfortable and home-like environment. The personalized care you receive is first class in every way. The fee structure is very accommodating and the flexible hours work great for my family. From the moment you walk in the door, you will feel the healing begin! It truly is the best Chiropractic center in town for the WHOLE family. My children are always so excited to see "Dr. Tommy". You will honestly feel like part of the "family"!"
The Mullen Family - Royal Oak, Michigan
"What I like best about going to see Dr Tom. Is not only am I cared for quickly and easily when I am there, but its the staff and Dr. Tom himself that keeps me and my family coming back. On my first visit to the office I was well informed as to what I needed and why. I have MS and Dr. Tom explained why being adjusted routinely would help me in the long run. He has helped my two children when they have some kind of strain from the many sports they play.. soccer, baseball, basketball and football. Most important he takes great care of my self employed husband, who has had many back problems through the years. He keeps him working. yeah!! You always know when you are in Dr. Toms office things will get better."
Julie Pollack
We have never had a health care provider as accommodating & helpful as Dr. Lowry and his staff. We have 5 children who have had various health concerns over the years and Dr. Lowry's flexible fee schedule has made it possible for us to bring them to him as often as necessary to clear up the problem (he's like magic for ear infections and fluid in the ears!) without having to resort to risky antibiotics or other medications. We also can't believe how they get our big family in and out so quickly and yet make sure everyone gets the individual time and attention they need every week, no matter what time of day we arrive. Dr. Lowry and his staff have come to feel like an invaluable asset in raising our children and we are loyal clients for life - we don't hesitate to recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone in need of chiropractic care. Some of the issues we have seen improvement on under his care are: ear infections/fluid in ears, epilepsy, sprains and strains, GI tract issues, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, pregnancy and post partum discomfort, colic symptoms in newborns, clumsiness & injuries with growth spurts, and many others!
Don & Jacqui Morris
"Feeling Better! That's what it's all about. The expert care, friendly staff, and flexible hours-with no wait time works for my husband and me. From backaches to headaches, foot pain to face pain, Doctor Tom has a treatment for us!"
Barb, Royal Oak
"If I had a dime for every person I have spoken to who does not believe in seeing a chiropractor, I would be rich. It is not until they listen to me and go to see Dr Tom that they realize that it does help! I remember one weekend I was due to return home from a week long vacation and my back really hurt. I had to leave again the next day to go out of town for business. I was not going to make it back in time to get to the office before they closed for the day and I didn't know how I was going to make it. I called Dr Tom and explained my situation and without a second thought, he told me that he would meet me at the office that afternoon to give me the adjustment I needed. I was so thankful. He treats his patients like they are part of his family and truly cares about helping them. I recommend Dr Lowry to everyone!"
Tamara Morton
"I have seen other chiropractor's, none compare to the results I have received with Dr. Lowry's care. I must say," He truly cares about people and their health". I would HIGHLY recommend his services to anybody and everybody, from infants' to elderly and in between. He has helped me with ailments that I never new chiropractic care could help."
Mark L.
"Are you skeptical or fearful about chiropractic care? I was. I suffered for years with frequent debilitating migraines. I was so ill that I couldn't work. My quality of life suffered. I went to many medical doctors who put me on meds that made me sicker. Finally, I was desperate. I went to Dr. Tom on the recommendation of a friend. I began to have immediate relief. Today, I rarely get even a very mild migraine. I am back to work and enjoying my life. My only regret is that I didn't go sooner! Dr. Tom has flexible hours and has worked out a very reasonable payment plan for me. I now use chiropractic care for most of my general health concerns. I am so grateful to Dr. Tom and his caring and efficient staff for their many kindnesses to me. I am always referring others to his practice with the words "Don't suffer needlessly like me, go see Dr. Tom! He is the best."
Elizabeth Mansour, RN
"I was elated that Dr Tom is updating his web site and has asked for some feedback on chiropractic results from his patients. Many years ago Dr Tom treated me for a condition that had been misdiagnosed by Henry Ford and Beaumont Hospital. I had been very ill for 6 months and Dr Tom suggested I give him one month and if the treatment did not work then I was on my own to find a solution to my problem. After one month, the pain was gone, I was off of all the pills that were not helping and was more like the person I had remembered myself to be. There have been many treatments for a number of different issues and Dr Tom has helped get me through all of them. My body responds to the treatment in a positive manner and I feel the difference when I do not make a regular weekly visit. have been in the medical field for many years and I have witnessed the lack of professional care and time that is involved in treating a patient. The patient is given a battery of tests or referred to a "specialist" with no answer or explanation as to cause. A lot of the doctors are pill pushers and because people choose to believe in their provider they take lots of pills for lots of different reasons. We do not know how these pills are really affecting the body. In one instance it may help but what is it doing to the other parts of the body? People need to know their bodies and be aware of changes. I truly believe Dr Tom has been has been an angel and I and my bones thank him from the top of my heart."
"I have been a patient of Dr. Tom for over 12 years. It is great being able to walk-in, get a friendly greeting and usually be back out the door in less than 15 minutes. What other doctors offices are like that! He also takes the time to listen to you and where it hurts. When I first started seeing Dr. Tom, I had a very bad low back and neck, my lower back went out often. He help me develop a new gym workout routine to build a better foundation for my lower back and neck. It took some time for the results, but for over 10 years my lower back and neck have been doing great."
Steve C.
"My erratic schedule means keeping any doctor's appointment is often inconvenient and difficult. Dr. Lowry's "walk-in" policy allows me to go when I have time or stop in when I'm in the area. His office wait time is often less than with my other "scheduled" doctor's appointments. Their centralized Clawson location is generally on-the-way-to or on-the-way-back-from other appointments. If you have health insurance or Medicare coverage, it can be confusing: what's covered, what isn't, how often you can have a treatment, etc. Dr. Lowry works with you to determine your needs first and then your entitled coverage. He offers payment "flexibility" to ensure that you receive timely treatment tailored to your physical and financial requirements. But the real reason to see Dr. Lowry is the care and treatment. He initially takes time to find out what your issues are, explains them to you and then starts your treatments. His staff is friendly and efficient, and the atmosphere is relaxing. I've been to other Chiropractors; but in my case, the results with Dr. Lowry have the best by far."
Donald Rende, President - System Controls
"Dr. Tom is gifted in both the science of the subject as well as the art of the adjustment. His abilities are at the top of his field. I am most thankful to have him as my chiropractor. My spinal condition has improved dramatically since coming under his care. It's great to be a "well-adjusted" individual!"
Peg and Family
"My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Tom for many years, and wouldn't go anywhere else! We appreciate his skills as a chiropractor, and like him as a person. The office has convenient hours, is always friendly and clean, and the wait is never more than a few minutes. We would recommend Dr. Tom to anyone curious about or in need of chiropractic care."
Mark & Loraine D.
"I have been a patient of Dr. Lowry since 1992. He truly cares about, not only your chiropractic health, but your overall health as well. You feel at home as soon as you walk through the door. The wait time is minimal, the atmosphere is relaxed, and, although the mood is professional, humour and laughter are encouraged."
Sandy Moorhead

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